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Miami Inbond Services

INBOND SERVICES US-CANADAG&G CARGO SERVICE, MIAMI DISTRIBUTION CENTER.  Is an U.S. CUSTOMS BONDED WAREHOUSE that offers complementary and integral logistic services for incoming/transit cargo to the United States. At the Miami Facility we receive Flowers from over 20 different countries and distribute them domestic to the 50 States. This Facility is also a CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION (CFS) that allows us to handle Bonded Cargo in transfer to Europe, Canada and Asia. In 2004 we obtain a CUSTOM BONDED WAREHOUSE STATUS.  These permits plus the CARTMAN authorization for bonded cargo tranportation with our trucks give G&G a complete posibility to handle INBOND CARGO.



This service allow Canadian customers to transfer cargo from the airport to a bonded trucking line without having to pay duties in USA. T&E's can only be issued by companies that are in compliance with 3 requirements; a CFS Container Freight Station Facility and/or a Bonded Warehouse, Cartman permit for Bonded truck transportation and staff authorized to handle cargo in transit. 


This service allow fast and reliable cargo transfers between AIRLINES in Miami. As one of the most important airports in the USA, MIA Miami International Airport has a wide availability of incoming and outgoing Airlines. Connections also can be offered from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.  



Merchandise that has not been clear in USA can be stored in our Miami Warehouse while the customer sales them in local or foreign markets. A complete security system allow us to control all incoming and outgoing cargo. Restricted access and background checked staff guarantee the security of your information and your cargo. 



Bonded Merchandise can be distributed from the Miami facility directly to other INBOND warehouses/trucks or to authorized customers. This product is specially interesting for the CRUISE SHIP INDUSTRY. Bonded pershable products can be distribuited according to the customer orders, directly to every destination.



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