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Inventory Management

INVENTORYAt the present day it is not necessary for an importer to own a warehouse or trucks to distribute its sold product. G&G CARGO SERVICES provides this service from their warehouses in Miami and Los Angeles. Our objective is for the importer to have a logistic partner who replaces its entire warehouse and transport needs.

The service is described as:

  • The importer makes its purchases from any country with the farms.
  • The Farms can use our system PUZZLE to place labels anywhere in the world, if they do not have our system, they can use any compatible inventory system.
  • The warehouse in Miami/LAX receives inventory in transit from the labels printed and confirmed by the farm or cargo agency.
  • The cargo arrives at the airports of Miami and LAX where they are pick-up by our refrigerated trucks.
  • The warehouse in Miami/LAX scans the product to confirm its arrival.
  • The boxes that do not arrive or are been held by USDA will be notify base on the scan report.
  • The boxes are place in racks and Inventory is done.
  • The importer sends a packing list with the product to be dispatch.
  • The warehouse in Miami/LAX pulls the order and scans it out the inventory.
  • The warehouse in Miami/LAX dispatches the order using instructions giving by the customer.
  • At the end of the day a physical inventory of the remaining product becomes available and it’s compare to the inventory of the system.
  • The proofs of deliveries (POD) are available and filed for 1 month.
  • You can do all tracking of orders by using the website.

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